Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sluts On Aim Girlssssss?

Girlssssss? - sluts on aim

Rules in the 15th I have blue eyes and brown hair, 5'11 IM and 155 pounds I play football / baseball i love all different music but my favorite PATD by I see so far for a girl of "Look, I am very very funny nice guy so that girls me what u think!

Oh, and just out of a relationship some time ago .. Girls in my school are all sluts all suck
target = benedettti


§§ã said...

You speak well.
I like guys with blue eyes.

Beanie Queenie said...

Well, OK, that's not really the place to find someone. It's crazy to try to contact someone at Yahoo ... I'm sure there are girls who are whores, can not be any. and can act in exactly this way because they think that the kids will love. You will find someone. sounds like a decent guy. Patience, my dear, patience. try to talk to the girls talk only rarely. The Quiet One. those who do not intend to draw attention are the ones that you really want. be open-minded, now you are alone, have fun, but not too much!

kittysml... said...

No offense, and please do not be angry, but that is not a dating site.

Yvonne M said...

Hello, I think they would have to go it alone on the road. Some will come. U sound like a very nice. If you expect to get a girl who can not be punctual, but it will happen. GOOD LUCK.

x_frayah... said...

Sounds good:)

And it makes a change from all surface types out there!

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